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• 30% of tokensto distribute to the ecosystem are immediately involved in project development, so there is no lock-in period or unlocking schedule.
• 20% the liquidity category has a 3-year lock-in period and will unlock 25% of their tokens every 6 months for 3 years.
• 10% the early investorshave a 1-year lock-in period and will unlock 100% of their tokens after 1year.
• 15% the team has a 1-year lock-in period and will unlock 100% of their tokens after 1 year.
• 5% the free distribution tokens have no lock period or unlock schedule.
• 20% ICO is divided into 5 rounds and has a 3-year unlock schedule:10% after 6 months, 15% after 12 months, 20% after 18 months, 25% after 24 months and 30% after 36 months.
The project ecosystem category is divided into two parts:30% will be immediately unlocked, and the remaining 70% will be locked for 3 years, with 25% unlocking every 6 months. This means that 30% of the tokens allocated to this category will be available for use in the project's development immediately, while the remaining 70% will be gradually unlocked over the 3-year period, with 25% unlocking every 6 months.
20% of tokens are allocated to liquidity, For the liquidity category, 25% of the tokens will unlock every 6 months for 3 years, resulting in a total of 100% unlocking at the end of the 3-year period.
10% of tokens are allocated to early investors, and this allocation will be unlocked after a year. This allocation aims to incentivize early supporters and help ensure the project's success.
The distribution starts with 15% of tokens going to the team, which will be unlocked within a year. The team is an essential element in the success of the project, and this allocation aims to incentivize them to work towards the long-term success of the project.
5% of tokens are allocated for free distribution, which can be used for airdrops, rewards, or other purposes thatsupport the project's growth.
Finally, 20% of the ICO will be divided into 5 rounds to attract investors and provide support to the project in its early stages. These tokens will be unlocked according to the specific terms of the round in which they were purchased.


ArtCoin - The Galaxy of Fantasies team, with the support of a large community, is now at the stage of choosing a blockchain network . It is the main utility token and currency of the Galaxy Of Fantasies ecosystem.
As such, ArtCoin will be required to buy and sell and exchange non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs), the entire infrastructure of the Galaxy Of Fantasies internal ecosystem.
ArtCoin - is not a tool for managing the ecosystem. For that, you need to hold the project's NFT collection.
ArtCoin - is a means of trade and exchange in the Galaxy Of Fantasies ecosystem:
  • NFT collectibles
  • Land
  • Infrastructure
  • NFT Users
  • All activities
NFT collectors have access to the games and are thus entitled to earn ArtCoin tokens in addition to various infrastructure materials.
A transaction fee of 10% is charged on all ArtCoin transactions.
A portion of which will also be added to the TFF.
The Talent Factory Foundation was created to support the ecosystem and to help develop talent, to offer grants.
You can buy ArtCoin on the official platform or there will be an opportunity to trade and exchange them on Uniswap.
You can also get them for free through Play2Earn mechanisms.
ArtCoin is not intended to be a stable coin. The dollar value of a token can change depending on supply and demand for it as well as other market factors.
ArtCoin is not a management token in this role is a collectible NFT project.