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All of our project's collectible NFTs are not just tokens to be stored in a digital wallet.
Each NFT has a very important purpose. They make you a member of a charitable foundation that helps our planet's inhabitants in need and also preserves endangered flora and fauna.
Our goal is to build a unique meta-planet and one collection will not be enough for this. In fact, each collection will have its own visual location with users of different ages and interests from all corners of the earth.

Collections will have their own uniqueness:

а) GENERATED - collections are not just pictures, but unique art created with great love. All layers are hand-draw by our experienced artists and generated on different blockchains.
Each collection will be a different number with its own privileges.
  1. 1.
    Quantity 10,000
The first NFT Funny Ears collection is one of a kind.
Funny Ears
The NFT Funny Ears collection is a starting point into the world of art.
The idea of the characters originally lived simply in the fantasy imaginary world of a young talented artist.
Sometimes she would draw them on sheets of paper, expressing her artistic skills. One day she met a team of talented people ready to share all her creations with the world and open doors to art lovers.
After some time, an experienced artist brought the Funny Ears family to life thanks to the imagination of this young talented lady.
All the components were drawn by hand. The collection was generated on the Ethereum platform on the ERC 721 A smart contract.
Funny Ears is not just a collection of unique pictures. It will become the key to the ARTARIA settlement.

It is divided into rarities and privileges:

NFT common - Ticket to ARTARIA, gives access to many features of the planet, except unique locations, gives voting rights, admission to a private club of holders.
NFT rare - provides a plot, 100 ArtCoin tokens, unique locations, and gives voting rights admission to a private club of holders.
NFT epic - provides an ARTARIA plot with an epic house, 350 ArtCoin tokens, unique locations, gives voting rights, admission to a private holder club.
NFT legends - provides a plot of land with a legendary house, 700 ArtCoin tokens, unique locations, guaranteed admission to purchase the NFT new collection at 25% off before going on sale, gives voting rights, admission to a closed holders club, and a closed legendary club.
2. Collections under 10,000 will have the privilege of an Artaria ticket.
3. Game Collections - are a ticket to the planet and a tool for games to earn tokens and infrastructure
b) HAND-DRAW, SCULPING, 3D collections - are collections with special privileges they will be produced in small quantities. Such collections will be distinguished by their individuality and exclusive work.
They as well as the generated ones will populate ARTARIA, but their mission on the planet will be more global...
The privileges of holders of such collections in addition to receiving a plot with a house will quarterly share the currency pool collected by allocating 15% of the amount from the transactions of all collections.