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ARTARIA will be divided into themed locations, which in turn will be divided into cities and districts.
New districts and cities will be created through collections and the Worlds Factory.
The Worlds Factory is a place to create your own world.
You get a plot of land with a house and a lawn when you buy an NFT collection.
You also get everything you need to move around and be comfortable in the city: roads, parks, lakes, etc.
The territory (land) - is digital real estate on the planet ARTARIA. Plots are used to house digital products such as: houses, showrooms, studios, offices, etc. You can also mine resources on the plots. Or just make it your own cozy corner of the world.
A territory area - is not an interchangeable token. Each plot will relate to NFT collection locations. They will be on different blockchains. For each user's convenience.

100,000 plots will be available at a price of $500

Plots will be combined into districts (cities), NFT project collections.
Plots go with the purchase of NFT rare, epic, legend collectibles. You can also buy in our marketplace and collect shards in games.
The creators can also create games, studios, lounges, galleries and whatever else they want, depending on their imagination, in order to get resources. One 1*1 plot of land is 100 meters long, 100 meters wide and 100 meters high. This gives him ample space to express his fantasies.
The plots are accessed by NFT collectors. They have the opportunity to generate income.
Events, exhibitions, educational classes, etc. can be held on the plots.
You can optionally monetise these events (charge for visits in domestic currency).


Items are NFTs that will improve the planet's ecosystem (houses, shopping centres, lounges, tables, chairs, notice boards, etc.)


1) regular 44.000 at $100

2) epic 4.000 at 250$

3) legendary 2,000 at $400

Entities - are NFTs that will fill the planet's ecosystem (birds, pets, dragons, etc.)
Equipment - are NFTs that are used to perform in-game tasks (paints, pencil set, tomato tossers, etc.)
Wearables - are NFTs that change a character's appearance (glasses, cap, clothes, etc.)
Basic assets will already be available in the marketplace.Creators can create their own item for the world, games.Using the ERC 1155 contract to create any number of copies for other members to buy and use.The value of items depends on the quality of design, animation and uniqueness.A rare low quality asset will not be highly valued by users. Therefore, you need to be sensitive to the value of your item.
There will be a lot of entertainment infrastructure such as music halls, video rental shops and cinemas, sports facilities, shopping centres with all kinds of goods and services where you can order all kinds of interior items for your home and garden, and many other goods. The main building of each city will be the Art Gallery. It will be a portal for inhabitants of different cities where they will be able to meet each other, exchange experiences and talents, establish friendly, creative and business relations. The doors of the ARTARIA Charity Fund will also be open to all cities. Here every participant will be able to allocate their vote to a list of earth's charities.ARTARIA and the inhabitants will always help the needy inhabitants of their home planet.Shards of nft will be scattered throughout the planet's open locations. You can trade these shards with other members or sell them, or you can collect all the shards and revive the nft. You can use it to your advantage.